About Me & The Gentle Souls Revolution

Esther with Mando_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Esther Friedman, licensed mental health counselor, expressive art therapist, songwriter, performer, author and ex-cult member. Welcome to The Gentle Souls Revolution.

In 2006, a cult took advantage of my uncertainty, open mindedness & open-heartedness. It perpetrated what I now call Cultic Identity Theft.  

In 2011, I left. I found my voice by embracing, honoring and protecting those core traits. Telling my story through writing and songwriting saved my sanity. Those vulnerabilities are now my strengths.  

I started GSR, Healing Arts to ...
1) Educate and raise awareness of cults -- recruitment and indoctrination strategies. Learn about my show on the Edu-Tainment page.

2) Facilitate recovery and empowerment through a specific therapeutic approach. Learn about my philosophy on the therapy page.


  • Massachusetts, LMHC

  • Master's in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University

  • Advisory Counsel Member, International Cultic Studies Association